Retail Security

CoLiant Solutions protects some of the largest retailers in the world. You can trust us to provide the same safety and asset protection for your store.

Complete safety and security solutions

CoLiant Solution's nationwide retail security offerings protect not only assets and inventory, but also the most valuable things there are: people. Our comprehensive solutions keep your buildings secure and protected, reduce lost inventory, and protect against injury and loss of life.

CoLiant protects everything - and everyone - in your store.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is critical to safety and security in a retail business. CoLiant Solutions can analyze your store and design a solution that matches your physical environment and security needs. We provide both indoor and outdoor video surveillance, with added capabilities, such as public view monitors, and parking lot systems with license plate recognition. From conventional CCTV to IP and cloud-based solutions, we can recommend and install to your specific wants and needs.

Burglar Alarm Systems

Any retail security solution needs more than just video surveillance. Intrusion alarm systems alert staff of access to premises outside of business hours, or unauthorized access at any time. A CoLiant-designed burglar alarm system can protect not only your inventory and building, but also your customers and employees. Let our alarm system experts design, install, and maintain the perfect solution to keep your store secure - and safe.

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems protect against not only destruction of premises and inventory, but also injury and loss of life. CoLiant understands the inherent value of such systems as well as the specifics needed to comply with building codes and insurance providers' requirements. Trust us to design, install, and maintain the optimal fire alarm solution to protect your customers and employees, while ensuring full compliance with all applicable regulations.

Delayed Egress

Delayed egress reduces inventory shrinkage from products being taken out through unauthorized doors. An alarm sounds when such actions are attempted and the door remains locked for a set period of time. Understandably, there are regulations, both local and federal, governing the implementation of delayed egress. CoLiant's delayed egress experts are well-versed in the compliance issues involved and can install a solution that protects your assets while adhering to all applicable codes.

Complementary Solutions

CoLiant Solutions can be more than just your safety and security provider. Many of our clients take advantage of our extensive expertise in a variety of other technology. If you are interested in access control, building management systems, network cabling, server installation, audio or multimedia systems, IT managed services, or other technology needs, let us know. With our nationwide presence and breadth of services, CoLiant may be your one-stop provider for both security and technology.

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