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CoLiant's comprehensive construction site security solutions are preferred by underwriters and insurers throughout the United States and Canada.

Unrivaled Construction Site Security

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CoLiant Solution's construction site security offerings are without peer. With high-tech equipment, thermal imaging, advanced analytics, waterflow detection, automated and live monitoring, and even onsite fire suppression vehicles, no other provider can offer a comparable security and asset protection solution, custom-designed for your specific project.

CoLiant checks ALL the boxes.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

CoLiant continually evaluates latest advances in camera and risk detection technology, employing the best devices to fit their clients' needs. High-resolution cameras, thermal imaging, water flow detection, and solar power are just a few of the best-of-breed solutions we implement to provide the best asset protection available.

Onsite Fire Suppression Vehicles

Construction site fires result in over $375 million in losses annually. The time it takes off-premises firefighting crews to arrive is critical to the level of loss incurred. CoLiant is the only construction site security provider with onsite fire suppression vehicles.

Preferred Guard Service Vendors

CoLiant's preferred, fully-vetted guard service companies are curated to provide the highest level of security available. These vendors are accustomed to working seamlessly with CoLiant Solutions on construction site security projects, simplifying the relationship between customer, guard service, and CoLiant.

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Advanced Analytics

Simply viewing and recording video is no longer sufficient for a robust security system. Advanced analytics provide the ability to process input from devices, making sense of whatever is detected. By both avoiding false alerts and identifying situations that may have gone undetected, CoLiant's advanced analytics bring intelligence to your security solution.

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Automated and Live Monitoring

CoLiant can provide whatever level of monitoring our clients require. From analytics-driven alerts to live surveillance agents in our Security Operations Center, we use proactive monitoring to protect our clients' assets.

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Water Flow Detection

Water flow detection protects construction projects from expensive damage by minimizing the risk of catastrophic leaks around the clock. Capable of monitoring both temporary and permanent water feeds, water flow detection devices promptly alert personnel of any irregularities in flow that may indicate a problem, allowing a rapid response by your onsite workers. Advanced analytics determine acceptable type and volume of water flow according to configurable parameters to prevent false alerts.

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Daily Health Checks

The best cameras in the world can be worthless if they are not configured and functioning properly. CoLiant Health Check Specialists perform remote health checks daily on all your cameras, ensuring each is fully functional and analytic zones are set correctly. Daily health reports are available for customers to review as desired.

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