Information Technology

CoLiant provides a range of information technology solutions for small and medium-size businesses and governmental organizations.

IT Solutions that allow you to focus on your business

All organizations, large and small, use information technology on a daily basis. For most, technology is the life blood that keeps the organization moving. However, most small and medium size organizations do not have the technology staff necessary to install and manage that technology. That's where CoLiant steps in, providing expertise and services that allow your organization to run smoothly and securely.

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Many of our clients aren't sure where to begin in defining their IT requirements. Others know what they need, but aren't quite sure how to get there. Regardless of where your organization finds itself, CoLiant Solutions can provide consulting services to meet your need. Our consultants have years of experience in identifying and defining IT solutions for organizations across a variety of industries.

IT Infrastructure

The infrastructure needed to support a thriving organization has grown increasingly complex through the years. Gone are the days where plugging in a couple PCs could do the trick. CoLiant can help you not only determine the infrastructure you need to run your organization effectively, but also install and maintain it. Whether you need network cabling, server installation, cyber security, offsite backups, or other infrastructure, CoLiant can determine the best components for your specific need, and provide expert installation.

Managed IT Services

We understand your business deserves your undivided attention. At times, however, IT concerns can distract you from your core business activities. To alleviate this burden, our Managed Services are designed to provide whatever level of support you require. And, these services can be either fully outsourced, or co-managed with your current staff. CoLiant solutions include managed IT help desk, server and computer management, network performance monitoring, cyber security, and more.

Can CoLiant support the technology I already have?

CoLiant IT Solutions staff are experienced in a broad range of industry-standard (and a few non-standard!) technologies. Whatever technology your business currently employs, chances are we have staff who can support you and provide you with informed advice on how to make the most of your existing and future IT environment.

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