Fire Suppression

CoLiant's proprietary fire suppression vehicles, proudly designed, fabricated, and assembled in the USA, are a first in the safety and security industry.

Unmatched Onsite Fire Protection

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Annually, there are an average of 4,300 fires in buildings under construction, totaling over $375 million in losses. To mitigate these losses, CoLiant Solutions created fire suppression vehicles that allow construction site personnel to respond quickly to fires before local firefighting crews arrive on site. Available on either a truck or UTV chassis, these vehicles feature tanks up to 400 gallons, highest industry quality hose reels, and state of the art Class A Foam-Fast™ wetting agents.

CoLiant fire suppression vehicles allow you to extinguish fires before they get out of control.


The FS400 is the ultimate solution for onsite fire mitigation and containment. The FS400 is equipped with a durable, high powered water pump attached to a 400 gallon tank, and is fitted with an adjustable nozzle, compatible with Class A foam sticks (included) for maximum fire suppression. Our Advanced Technology package offers a 911 panic button, GPS, geo-fencing, and remote monitoring.


The FS200 provides the same features as the FS400, on a UTV chassis with a 200 gallon tank. The UTV format provides a more compact, tactical solution for environments where space is at a premium.


Foam-Fast™ is a Class A foam wetting agent used to enhance the effectiveness of water-based fire suppression. Class A foams penetrate and extinguish embers at depth, to not only aid fire suppression, but also help prevent reignition. The Scotty Foam-Fast™ system is a professional-grade product that is a simple yet effective method for deploying a foam wetting agent onto a fire scene.

Advanced Technology Package

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The CoLiant Advanced Technology (AT) package provides safety and reliability features.

  • 911 Panic Button
  • GPS
  • Solar-powered
  • Geo-fencing
  • Remote monitoring
  • Redundant battery

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Take advantage of the best onsite fire suppression solutions available.

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