360 Green InitiativeGreen Initiatives

CoLiant Solutions is committed to reducing our carbon footprint through a variety of applied green initiatives and we're proactively meeting our present needs without compromising the ability of our future generations to meet their own needs.

Our 360º Initiative falls into 4 main approaches:

1. Energy Reduction. We use an electric forklift in our warehouse rather than using gas operated equipment. All lights and desk monitors are turned off when not in use. We have controlled and locked AC thermostats for consistent office temperatures.

We make a concerted effort to reduce fuel consumption through our vehicle maintenance programs. We don’t haul anything unnecessary. To be further proactive, our drivers and technicians: drive the speed limit, avoid idling, keep tires properly inflated, keep up with oil changes, tune-ups and maintenance, combine trips for multiple sites to avoid excess mileage on vehicles.

2. Waste. Recycling bins are located in all facilities for plastic, aluminum and other items wherever possible. With our new project management system, we are set to go completely paperless in the next 6 months. All payments are sent and received electronically. All shipping boxes are recycled and reused. We buy recycled paper for all the printers, saving 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil, three cubic yards of landfill space, 4000 kilowatts of energy and 7000 gallons of water per ream. All ink cartridges are recycled and reused. For all outgoing faxes, we use e-fax.com.

3. Products. While CoLiant Solutions does not manufacture any products, our technicians are always looking to recycle cable wherever possible. Equipment for multiple customers and jobs are staged in our warehouse before sending to technicians for final installation, thereby cutting down on waste generated on site during an installation.

We are continually evaluating our suppliers sustainability programs, with preference to companies who have their own active programs in place.

4. Personal Sustainability Programs (PSP). While our teams meet weekly to establish initiatives and goals for the workplace, we have taken our environmental responsibility a step further and brought it into our homes. All employees are encouraged to create their own PSP and ideas are often e-mailed from peers within the company of things that can be done to make a difference.