About Us

CoLiant Solutions is a Christian based company headquartered in the Atlanta, Georgia metro area. We provide world-class infrastructure, site deployment and enterprise services for a wide range of applications. Our superior responsiveness, flexibility and affordability allow customers to focus on reducing operating costs and generating profitable revenue.

The CoLiant Solutions model provides the highest level of workmanship for every job, from a single site installation to a multiple site roll-out with multiple applications and installation requirements. We have developed an extensive, international organization of in-house and contracted technicians with the training and skill-sets required for all CCTVs security, voice/data, POS and video technologies.

Every job is a top priority and has our highest level of commitment. A member of our Project Coordination Team leads every job. This assigned Single Point of Contact is responsible for all aspects of your project and will ensure a smooth, on-time and on-budget installation. We bring the CoLiant Difference to every job.

Contessa Stallings, CoLiant Solutions

Relationships are a vital component to everything we do. It touches every aspect of our lives from the relationship we have with our customers, our family, friends,co-workers, our community, and our personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The effort and focus we put forth will yield the strength and fruitfulness of these relationships.

- Contessa Stallings, CEO & Owner, CoLiant Solutions

Ken Stallings, Founder CoLiant Solutions

Have your heart in the right place and give with the right motives in mind. CoLiant Solutions was built on the basis of biblical principles, and with an underlying theme of serving. I believe our business exists to serve God, our customers, partners, employees, and the community. Through this fundamental belief and commitment, CoLiant Solutions treats every person, and every job as we would like to be treated. Through our commitment to our people, and through our process, we provide the highest quality installation solutions and build lasting relationships.

- Ken Stallings, President & Owner, CoLiant Solutions

The CoLiant Solutions Mission
To deliver a world-class service offering that is affordable while maintaining the highest level of excellence. We strive to lead by serving our customers, partners, each other and the community.